Rent out your watercraft

Create a listing with built in booking features, bid on requests, get paid out

  • Signup/login

    In order to become a vendor and submit listings/respond to requests from regular users, you have to complete your account and submit proof of insurance. You can furthermore apply to become a ‘verified’ vendor and boost your listings/sales

  • Create your first listing

    Click on the create a listing button in the top right corner and go through our user friendly form to create a listing and begin receiving bookings

  • Respond to requests

    View current requests by users and submit a bid

  • Manage your orders & calendar

    View your dashboard and manage your individual bookings, calendar, orders, *and user documentation (i.e. watercraft license, ID, contact, etc.)

  • Request a payout

    Request a payout and get money in your bank for services performed

Why Use AnchorsBook?

How we further stand out

  • Have an Insurance partnership where we can quickly get you setup to legally rent/charter your watercraft
  • Allow prospective renters to initiate rentals via Request/bidding functionality
  • User maps of harbor/launch/marina/ramp in Ontario etc.
  • Free, Fleet Management service

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