How can I add a deposit to my bidding on a users request? Do I include the deposit within the bid/price I submit? 


Using AnchorsBook, you are able to also insert a deposit within your bidding/offer to a users request looking for a custom rental duration.

Unlike bookings deposits, the deposits for requests are done by cash outside of AnchorsBooks payment platform

Simply include the deposit amount within your bidding description (e.g. you bid $550 with a $300 security deposit written separately in the description. State that this is a CASH security deposit, do not include this deposit as part of your bidding price.

Please refer to the graphic below:

image 7

Select make an offer.

image 8

In the details sections, please indicate to the user making the request that there is a cash deposit.

And that’s it!

We typically handle all deposits and transactions for you when making a booking/listing. However, for requests we found it is much easier to exchange a cash deposit for the keys to your watercraft after the primary payment/logistics have been setup from our end.

If you have any questions, feel free to text us anytime at (905) 599-0191 or email us at 

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