AnchorsBook is the most Versatile and Tailor Made Yacht & JetSki rental platform for Canadian or UAE boat owners and renters within Toronto, Dubai, & Abu Dhabi. Book from existing Boats, or list your own with our vendor program!


We have seen firsthand the difficulty in terms of logistics, time and cost in trying to organize a watercraft outing. This starts from finding the right reputable vendor/organization, dealing with associated paperwork (in some cases 4+ hours for a boat), and typically being tied to their locale for usage. By this, ‘their locale’ is referring to the usual case where such vendors are on a lake far from the typical consumer.

Furthermore, there are countless individuals with machines of varying year/quality in their homes with tremendously missed value/opportunity cost through their idle usage.

Our mission is to enable anyone to access the water while providing value out of unused watercrafts.

We believe that for short term watercraft rentals with friends & family, qualified individuals would prefer to instantly book a great watercraft outing from the comfort of their own phone/laptop/tablet, and on their terms. Our goal is to create a marketplace where both renters and vendors benefit tremendously.

For renters, our platform provides a seamless booking experience, easy-to-understand pricing, responsive customer service and an additional guarantee on all watercrafts.

For Vendors, AnchorsBook lets you set your own rates/availabilities and compete on requests while we take care of payment, invoicing, and customer service. Are you a watercraft owner not getting enough use out of your vessel or looking to quickly pay it off, sign up and start using AnchorsBook now!

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We needed a boat rental, sounds simple… right?

We asked for referrals and searched online for a boat; we read dozens of reviews, called around, left messages, and managed to speak to two companies. The first wasn’t interested in the small rental duration, and the second wasn’t available for a week while being hours away. We wanted to get out on the water that weekend – was that too much to ask? Even while traveling abroad and staying in an AirBNB, we ran into a similar situation except where we did the rental were driven around a desert for an hour in 2 different vans before arriving at the beach (per that companies interesting process..)

Then it dawned on us.

As longtime jet ski and watersports enthusiasts, we found the process of booking outings incredibly outdated and inefficient. We were sure there were people nearby, happy to accommodate the rental, but had no way to find them (we even considered flagging one down on the docks). This frustrating experience inspired us to create a booking service that instantly connects users with nearby, available watercraft owners…and we called it AnchorsBook.

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Some of our team & co-op interns exhibiting at Collision2023

With the recent lockdowns, we have seen our tourism industry decimated, and supply chain issues delaying watercraft purchases by over a year (as happened in our case). We have worked towards helping individuals caught in the middle through AnchorsBook.

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