Boat, Yacht, & Jet Ski insurance coverage for rentals or charters (commercial activities) are not easy to find in Canada.

THANKFULLY, we have narrowed down the best and most responsive insurance provider that will help with this specific coverage.

WE RECOMMEND you use our partnered provider, Gifford Carr.

You can begin renting or chartering for profit within less than a week using our exclusive fast-tracked applications for AnchorsBook users!

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About Gifford Carr Insurance Group

Protecting what matters. Sounds simple but it is our philosophy. With the right team in your corner, you can focus solely on building your dreams, your business, your family. Focus on your priorities without the worry of would if. That’s what we’re here for.

With over 75 years’ experience, Gifford Carr is your insurance resource. Our incredibly knowledgeable team delivers both business and personal insurance solutions. We are ingrained in our local communities across Ontario.

Fully licensed across Canada, our locally owned, independent brokerage combines the warm, family feel of a small business you trust with the big city convenience of access to connect you with insurance solutions nationwide.

At Gifford Carr, we are on your team. We are your local broker. 

Company Contact

Primary Contact: Andrew Pye
Phone: 613-315-0394

Fast-Tracked Insurance

  • Exclusive AnchorsBook-Gifford Carr Fast Tracked Insurance Application. Get insured in under a week!
  • Expedite your application by downloading the form, filling it in, and then send to Andrew Pye from Gifford Carr.

We receive no incentives or commissions of any kind for recommendations. Insurance companies don’t tend to work that way.

We recommend them because we know they can get you started easily, quickly, and really help you out for securely/legally profiting this summer.

A few things to first consider wherever you get your insurance:

  • FAQ (how much): Whatever you are paying for your standard coverage, assume you would pay roughly 1.5-2x more for this kind of commercial coverage. With the legal peace of mind & profits you will get, it is well worth the cost of doing business.
  • FAQ (why create a business entity): You have to setup a ‘rental business’ to comply with new Transport Canada regulations/directives in 2022, and be eligible for any rental insurance. Thankfully however, setting up a business/incorporating takes a few hours and is entirely done online through your Province’s website (due to COVID changes in 2020, online is an option vs mail or in person).
  • FAQ (do you only accept Gifford Carr): No, at AnchorsBook we accept any valid watercraft commercial rental insurance policy, regardless of provider. We recommend GC, however, because we use them personally, and know they can offer the right policy at great turnaround and price.

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