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    If you require a watercraft for a unique purpose or longer than a day (e.g. cottage trip), post a request that is automatically sent to our verified vendors

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    Submit your boating license (only viewable by your vendor), and securely pay to confirm the booking in everyone’s calendar (for your safety and peace-of-mind, we hold payments in escrow until both RENTER & VENDOR confirm completion, partial/full refunds & cancellations are also available)

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    Receive update emails/texts regarding your order, track your booking or request in your account, and get in the water! After the scheduled time of your outing, please confirm completion so the vendor can be paid (or this will simply auto complete after 7 days)

Why Use AnchorsBook?

How we further stand out

  • Have an Insurance partnership where we can quickly get you setup to legally rent/charter your watercraft
  • Allow prospective renters to initiate rentals via Request/bidding functionality
  • User maps of harbor/launch/marina/ramp in Ontario etc.
  • Free, Fleet Management service

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