Why should I keep bookings and transactions on AnchorsBook? Why can’t I take payment directly in cash? 


AnchorsBook has local customers & tourists looking for water experiences. We want to continue to send you referrals and to do so payment must be taken through the site. 

What are the benefits to you, the owner, for allowing AnchorsBook to process the payment and using our booking/escrow services?

First and foremost, you get additional security. By processing the transaction through AnchorsBook we layer on our fraud tools to identify stolen cards and potentially illegitimate customers. This way you personally won’t get hit with potential chargebacks on credit cards and lost money. AnchorsBook assumes the risk and will attempt to cancel and notify you of any bookings that do not meet our security standards.

Additionally, only customers who book with you through AnchorsBook may leave you a review. One of the largest determining factors for a renter to book an experience with an owner is their reviews. The more the better! If the booking is done outside of the platform, customers will not be able to leave reviews. 

Perhaps most importantly, we charge the renter in full via credit card when your offer is approved. This ensures the customer has the funds available to book an excursion with. It also gives you a very easy way to refund renters when necessary. All you need to do is notify us and we’ll issue a partial or full refund back to their credit card per your request(or from the booking/request itself!)

By taking a transaction off the platform you are forfeiting additional customer verifications, reviews, and a quick and easy way to take credit card payments. It’s not a violation of our terms of service, we welcome competition in the free market, and in such an event we will work hard on getting our offering to what you desire. 

We view our vendors as partners. We are here to help you get business and in turn all we ask is a 5-6.5% transaction fee to cover the credit fees, run our service, promote your listings/requests, and scale!

If you have any questions, feel free to text us anytime at (905) 599-0191 or email us at 

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