What are AnchorsBook commission fees and what do they include?

Do you check renters for proper ID?

YES, they have to submit their Passport or other relevant ID. You can view their files on your profile at any time, as well as vet or message them.

What if they damage the boat? Is there a security deposit?

There is a security deposit that you can set and collect in your listing.

How and when can I get paid?

You get paid right after a rental or charter ends, after 12 hours. We can e-transfer, PayPal, or bank transfer the payment (at your preference). After the first payment/preference we can automate your payouts.

Can I captain (charter) for renters instead of them driving my boat?

YES, you are able to have charters where you captain the boat instead of a customer renting it and self-driving. You can indicate this when creating your listing.

There may be cancellation in case of bad weather condition. How do I cancel a booking? 

You may set your own cancellation policies (make it clear in your listing). You are able to cancel a booking before payment is made online within the listing/account. If you wish to cancel after payment is made you can contact our 24/7 support to cancel the booking and enforce relevant cancellation policy and refunds.

Do I need to get different insurance for the boat? 

You would need to get commercial rental insurance, which we can help you setup in a week with our partner (CANADA ONLY, not valid for International Vendors). You can have any insurance policy that covers liability for watercraft rentals (commercial activities). AnchorsBook has an exclusive partnership with Gifford Carr to fast track our vendors insurance applications for watercraft rentals, and get them the lowest rates in the market!

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Does AnchorsBook set the rates?

NO, you set whatever rates you wish. We might perform currency conversions on rates you set.

Why Can’t I message the Renter yet?

ONLY after a renter has successfully paid for your booking (following you accepting their request and reviewing their documents) can you message the renter.
Their phone number and full contact information is also shared with you after they have paid/confirmed the trip. And vice-versa.

At this stage, when the renter has paid, please feel free to contact them if you wish to better coordinate pickup/dropoff.

You can directly contact them with their contact info (e.g. phone number), or from your account/dashboard when you login to AnchorsBook and view and order in your dashboard as shown below.

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