Bidding on a request with AnchorsBook is easy!

Follow these simple instructions to post a bid on existing Requests from prospective Renters!

Step 1 – Login

Begin by logging in or registering for an account


Step 2 – Click on ‘Requests for Rentals’

Navigate to the “Post a Request” in the header within the ‘Explore Services’ dropdown

image 9

Step 3 – Explore active Requests and submit a bid

Review the request details, location, dates, etc. If you feel you can meet the request, click on make an offer.

image 10

Provide a bid price (irrespective of any applicable deposit) and provide further details & images of your watercraft!

image 11

Now the Renter will be notified of your bid and can view it and either accept or ignore it.

Upon accepting your bid, the Renter will be prompted to pay and you will receive an order confirmation with all the contact information & logistics!

And that’s it! All the prep

Now you are ready to message the renter and meet with them to supply the watercraft.

Step 4 – Delivering the order

With payment completed and you connected with the Renter, you can now deliver the order with peace of mind.

If you input a cash deposit within the bid, make sure to remind the Renter!

image 15

Step 5 – Completing the request

After your request is finished, you & your renter must manually indicate completion or delivery on the order page (

Seven days after the Vendor prompts the Request has been Delivered from their order menu, this prompts a 7 day window for a renter to either create a dispute or accept the completed request. If they do not do anything, the request will auto complete 7 days after a Vendor has selected ‘Deliver’, and the Vendor will then be sent their earnings into their Dashboard Balance.

image 14

Use this seven day window to coordinate any disputes, issues, etc. Please refer to our Terms & Conditions for more information on cancellations, deposits, refunds, disputes, etc.

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