Posting a request with AnchorsBook is easy!

Follow these simple instructions to post a request for our vendors to view & bid on!

Step 1 – Login

Begin by logging in or registering for an account


Step 2 – Click on ‘Post a Request’

Navigate to the “Post a Request” at the top right of the header

image 1

Step 3 – Fill in required information

Indicate the category/type of watercraft you are looking for

image 2

Indicate if you wish to pickup the watercraft on land using your own vehicle/hitch, or in the water

image 3

Create a title for your request, add your budget, add your desired pickup location, and gather/attach your boating license (not publicly viewable)

image 4

Fill in the remaining information for the request, and in the ‘Description’ please include as much information to help the vendors viewing your listing to best bid/respond. Submit your request

image 5

Step 4 – Submit your request

Once you submit a request, it will be reviewed by our team and posted within 24 hours (usually 2-4 hours)

Our vendors are contacted, informing them of your request!

You will receive an email confirmation when your request is published, vendors bid on it, or you receive any correspondence from vendors

And that’s it!

You can review your request from your account to view bids, make any changes, or remove it.

Step 5 – Responding to/accepting bids

When you receive bids, they will be populated on your individual request page

Please make sure to review the details provided by the vendor who submitted the bidding, view their profile/reviews, etc.

image 6

WHEN YOU ACCEPT AN OFFER: You will be prompted to the checkout page

  • When you pay, AnchorsBook staff will capture and process the transaction within 24 hours
  • We hold the payment in escrow until your request is completed and you and the vendor indicate the rental as happily concluded
  • We only allow deposits within our payment system for Listings/Bookings, NOT Requests like this. Vendors are likely to ask for a form of cash deposit outside of the bid price they provide. This is standard procedure and after accepting a bid which asks for a cash deposit, that is handled in person between the Renter and Vendor.

You must pay prior to embarking on your watercraft outing, or the vendor will not accommodate your request

Make sure to connect with your watercraft vendor by sending them a message through AnchorsBook after accepting their offer

Step 6 – Completing the request

After your request is finished, you must manually indicate ‘completion’ on the order page for your request

Seven days after the date of your requests scheduled to be completed/dropped off, it will automatically ‘Complete’

image 24

Use this seven day window to coordinate any disputes, issues, etc. Please refer to our Terms & Conditions for more information on cancellations, deposits, refunds, disputes, etc.

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