How do I take a deposit through AnchorsBook? 


It’s important to know that AnchorsBook does not charge customers a typical security deposit. Customers are charged for a booking in full when they accept an offer. That is the full price of the booking. However, AnchorsBook does have a security allowance. The security allowance largely acts as a deposit for charges that may occur during a rental.

Why doesn’t AnchorsBook take traditional deposits?

Most of the time, deposits are used for the following:

  • To reserve a watercraft and make sure a customer is serious about booking
  • As security in case there are any issues that come up during the rental 
  • Making sure you get paid if a customer cancels within a certain time period

Because GetMyBoat charges the renter in full at the time of your offer being accepted, there’s no need to “hold” a deposit. We already have charged the customer the full amount for the trip and are holding the full payment for you. 

Finally, if there are any minor damages or post-rental charges in which you would normally apply a security deposit, we have a security allowance in its place. The security allowance is set in your listing and works very much like a deposit. If you wish to file a claim for a portion or full amount of the allowance, you would need to notify AnchorsBook within 48 hours of a trip being completed and provide any necessary documentation. At that time, AnchorsBook will investigate the claim and issue a payout based on the findings.

Per our terms of use, AnchorsBook has the right to charge the customer’s credit card up to the amount you have listed as your security allowance if a valid claim is filed.

We always try to resolve any claims within one week, though some cases do take longer. 

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