The customer damaged my watercraft. What do I need to do? What are the next steps? 


The vendor should be fully aware of any damages or claims for additional expenses immediately. If you haven’t already, please make sure to notify the customer of the issues. There may be a chance you both can work it out without filing a claim for your security allowance. We always try to encourage renters and owners to work together to resolve any issues with a booking first before we get involved. 

If you and the customer cannot resolve the matter on your own, the next step would be to determine if you need to make a claim through AnchorsBook for a portion or full payout of the security allowance.

What is the difference between filing a claim for the security deposit allowance versus an insurance claim?

It is very important to note that whilst AnchorsBook works with a 3rd party insurance provider, we do not directly offer insurance or handle insurance claims.  The security allowance is not meant to be a substitute for insurance. The security allowance is the amount an owner puts in their listing as the “deposit” and it refers to the maximum amount AnchorsBook may charge the customer for a valid claim. AnchorsBook cannot charge the customer an amount higher than the security allowance without the customer’s consent.

If the costs to repair damages are above the amount listed for the security allowance you will either have to come out of pocket to cover the difference or work directly with the customer to find a common ground. AnchorsBook support team doesn’t directly handle any insurance matters.

For Security Allowance Claims:

  • Any documentation you have supporting your claim. Do you have photographs, contracts, signed walk-throughs, estimates, invoices, receipts, or quotes that will help back up your claim? Please be prepared to send any necessary documentation requested.
  • Notify AnchorsBook as soon as possible: For any valid claim, you MUST notify AnchorsBook within 12 hours of the trip being completed.
  • Have the proper expectations. If your claim exceeds the security allowance any differences in the amounts MUST be resolved between you and the renter as AnchorsBook cannot authorize charges beyond the allowance amount unless implicitly authorized by the renter. This is why we suggest resolving the whole incident with the customer directly if possible before coming to us. However, we are here to help so if you do need to file a claim, just send us the necessary documentation and once we determine the claim is valid, we will issue you a payment for the amount requested. Please note that AnchorsBook tries to resolve claims within a week but some cases do take longer. It’s important you know the process and understand it when it comes to filing claims.

If you have additional questions, you can always contact us at AnchorsBook support by calling 833-282-1110, emailing us at, OR conveniently submitting the contact form below:

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